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Culture Identity is part of a person’s self-conception and self-perception. It is equivalent to nationality , religion , ethnicity , social class and different generations. When it comes to cultural identity it has to do with you individually or socially . Socially or individually, one’s culture defines who they are as an individual person . My culture identity is composed of several different aspects of my life like the way I dress , my personality, and my family traditions.
To begin with , the way a lady is expected to dress in islam culture is modestly. A lady is required to start dressing modestly at a certain age , typically when she hits puberty . One thing a girl starts wearing after 1st grade is the hijab. The hijab itself
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With friends , they view me as someone who laughs a lot , loves learning about politics and a person’s background , is outgoing, and loves music. Part of my personality was created because of the way I was raised,my surroundings and the other was adapted and influenced from school and friends.
Last of all , what my culture identity is known for , is being judged. A person does not know a single thing about islam yet they still quickly assume racist or untrue things about it. Stereotyping , is one of the biggest things going on in this generation .It is a socially shared set of exaggerated beliefs about traits that are characteristic of members of a social group It frustrates me how dimwitted some people can be. The way I see stereotyping is like dominoes . If one person does or says something negative, that whole religion,race,or gender is slammed with all these comments and judgments. It affects many people though it is not visible. As a muslim , I get asked many stereotypical things which are irrelevant and not even close to the truth.. The most common thing a muslim is asked is ,” Are you a terrorist ? “ . Ever since 9/11, it not only hurt people who lost their loved ones , it also impacted all of us muslims . Looks and hurtful comments are thrown around because of what someone had done. Every attack or explosion that comes on the news is for some reason blamed on every muslim. However , I will

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