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My Cultural Identity My cultural identity stems from my countless brave ancestors that made the journey to the United States many eons ago. Since then, every generation has impacted our original customs. As the years passed on, so did behaviors and other tendencies. These have eventually made their way throughout the entire family tree and down to my generation. Now, as a social work student, I am forced to face these behaviors head on and even challenge them.
Two Stories of Immigration In my family, only two stories are ever talked about: my mother’s maternal side and my father’s paternal side. The maternal side of mother’s family comes from Sweden, many generations ago. Although the history is very lengthy, it is commonly
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Thankfully, almost all of our family remains in Iowa. We always get together for holidays, and we are extremely thankful for the decisions great-grandma Jim made back in 1921.

Customs Carried Out Today Every culture has their own customs and rituals that they follow and pass on to the generations to come. Throughout the years, these customs may change slightly, but they still hold strong ties with the beginnings of the culture. Within the two cultures that I commonly refer to in my own life, my Swedish customs are more evident in my daily life. However, we do still practice some of our British heritage, but we don’t recognize these things as such.
My family takes great pride in our Swedish culture, and we often still practice many Swedish customs. The majority of these customs involve holidays and food. During the month of December, we celebrate St. Lucia’s Day, which honors the first bringing of Christianity to Sweden. Throughout this holiday and into Christmas, we celebrate by eating traditional Swedish foods like Swedish bologna, rye bread, lutefisk, and ostkaka. Sometimes at these gettogethers older generations will perform the Seven Jumps dance that is common in both Swedish and Dutch culture. Another custom that I never realized came from my Swedish culture, is my religion. The Lutheran religion is very common in Swedish culture, and my church happens to be located in a predominately Swedish

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