Identity Exploration : Who Am I?

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Identity Exploration: Who Am I? As a first-generation college student, I was expected to be a doctor. Having watched the inspirational film Gifted Hands, a biography starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as the world-class neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. Ben Carson grew up in what can only be described as an educationally deficient environment. Neither his father nor mother were educated. Through reading, however, little Ben 's imagination expanded, which was reflected on his academic performance. "It 's a miracle,” stated Dr. Carson upon his interview regarding his decision to work with brains. “I believe we 're all capable of performing miracles … I believe we 're all blessed with astonishing gifts and skills," he…show more content…
Social networking websites represent another popular form of new media. These mass communication technologies, Facebook as an example, enable users to connect and feel connected to others, as well as provide a virtual space for self-reflection. The anonymity of social networking websites allows users to experience multiple identities. According to the article, “Facebook, Anonymity, and The Crisis of the Multiple Self”, Facebook anonymity is “a way to recoup an energy of metamorphosis, the desire to become someone else” (Lovink 46). Users of social media sites tend to display different self-images to explore different identities or to seek self-development, which may be misinterpreted as fake. Since the perception of ‘the Self’ changes over time, “social media should be seen as only the latest incarnation” of oneself according to the Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz (41). For instance, a Facebook user may manifest himself or herself differently for a variety of reasons, including but not limit to privacy and self-esteem. To those who are concerned with privacy, a Facebook profile is a documentation of one’s life, which could potentially affect the account holder’s reputation. Users’ self-esteem may urge them to only convey certain aspects of their lives. “It is like being in a play. You make a character,” said a teenager to Sherry Turkle regarding Facebook profiles in relation to the true Self (Turkle 183). In other words, Facebook users have the freedom to
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