Identity Formation And Self Completion

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As a 23-year-old woman on the cusp of graduating from university, making the transition from her youth into adulthood, Vicki is in the exciting process of identity formation and self-completion. If there is one consistent conflict in her life now it lies in the fight between independence & interdependence, breaking free of the influence from her family to become the woman she desires to be. In analyzing Vicki’s personality, certain traits are definitive: she is outgoing and people oriented, self-assured and confident in who she is, ideological and stands for what she believes in (having a “backbone, as she puts it”), loyal towards people and certain brands, very little experimentation in order to find herself, is not easily influenced by others, and is honest to her true self. It is evident that Vicki, while opinionated and staunch in her beliefs, still is in the process of creating her own idealized version of self through the brands she associates with and uses. Throughout the case Vicki’s brand preference shows that she is often proud of her various associations and exhibits loyalty across certain brand families. She is, without question, a stickler for brand consistency and a systematic variant selection depending on her mood or the functionality of the brand at topic. Despite this, Vicki also shows signs of openness to using new brands if she see’s their functional benefits driven by striking a balance between the brand’s cognitive and affective beliefs. Finally,

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