Identity In Oedipus The King

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In the play Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles, Oedipus tries to find a monarchy killer, and his identity. While searching for his identity, he finds out his dreadful fate. Seers telling him he's the wound of his city’s plague, him believing that he is a murderer of his own father, and believing he married his own mother. In Oedipus’ journey for his identity, Oedipus meets various people that believe gods are all powerful beings, capable of various powers and abilities. At the beginning of the story, Oedipus meets various people that believe that the gods are omniscient beings, capable of knowing all. When Tiresias shortly left Oedipus palace, the chorus, a group of people said, “Only the gods are privy to our secret deeds!" This means that the chorus believes the gods are capable of knowing people's secrets and deeds, even though they never say their secrets or deeds. When Tiresias left the palace after arguing with Oedipus about who was the wound of the city, the chorus also said, "Men's actions are only known by Zeus.” The chorus said this because they were angry at Tiresias. They didn't believe that the Seer, Tiresias, knew more about Oedipus' fate more than a God's, further proving that a group of people that Oedipus met, believes that the…show more content…
While the plague was affecting the people of Thebes, various Priests, priestess, and citizens were praying to the gods. The priest said, “Praying to Zeus and Apollo for divine aid!”(2) This proves that people, including priests believe that the gods are capable of immense power, by giving divine aid to help against the plague. While they were praying, the priest also said, "Hoping that the gods will show us kindness on our darkest hour."(2) The people of Thebes believe that gods are capable of power, providing kindness and aid to support the people of
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