Identity Is Something We Search Essay

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Identity Identity is something we search for, something we want to find out about ourselves. We want to know what we are here for and what’s our purpose. Identity is the way one sees themselves and our identity is all we have that 's why we protect it and always are trying to make ours better than the others. I believe college is a time where we find our identity, maybe we have an idea on what it is going to be and sometimes it takes us many years to figure it out. In Daniel Marks experience his identity is going to take awhile for him to find if he doesn 't change his ways. Daniels “before” was very rough, he was in trouble a lot. He said he felt like a failure to his father’s standards. He enjoys partying very much, this has lead to him being a poor student with a GPA below a 2.0. His study habits are very poor but he is planning on going to college. His advisor told him he would fail out if he didn 't change his ways. After hearing all about daniel 's story I would categorize him into the “Diffusion” area. This is because he is just simply doesn 't care, he lacks motivation and is only doing enough to barely get by. I can avoid all of these things by sticking to the things I’ve been doing and to adjust and use the strategies we have learned in U100. In Monica 's story you hear about a lot of the things she was going through in her first semester so it 's pretty relatable. She tells us about how her parents did not attend college, but she really wants to. She

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