Identity Is The Idea Of Knowing Who You Are

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Identity is the idea of knowing who you are and what you stand for, but society has an affect on everyone’s identity. In some cases the identity that you believe is a person may not be the same as who they truly are. Each person’s identity is created and affected by society, this is because who you are as a person is affected by how you grow up, the people around you, and what you have been taught. Your identity is who you truly are, and sometimes many people do not know your true identity, they get the impression that you wish to make. Your impression is how others see you, what they see everyday. Your impression on others is based on many things, many people build their impressions purposely, making sure people see certain things, others let the people around them make an impression by judgement. Either way, the impression is based on many observable clues such as, age, status characteristics such as race and gender(cultural context), individual characteristics such as physical appearance (attractiveness, size), and verbal/nonverbal expressions. Many people also judge based on past experiences also. A person’s impression can be very important to them based on what their job field is or just who they are. If someone has created their own impression or they wish to make sure their impression come off a certain way it takes something called impression management. The idea of impression judgment is defined as the act of presenting a likeable image of himself to that the people

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