Identity Issues On Fashion And Social Media

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Identity issues on fashion and social media
Identity consists roughly of what makes us unique as an individual and different from others. In other words, it is the way we see and define ourselves, or the network of values and convictions that structure our life. To an extensive degree, it is simpler to change our identity than controlling it in terms of fashion and social media aspects. Identity is an ever-changing process that begins as soon as we are born. Erikson (1980) stated that the social life begins with each individual’s beginnings. When we are born, we enter to a world with statuses that are already attached to us and are clearly defined by gender and race. As we grow older the decision we make, the people we keep close to, and the way we spend our time decides how we will be judged. Around adolescence, we develop an identity by trying to associate ourselves with different social groups. Adolescences’ self-consciousness will allow them to take on several identities, but they do it to be popular with certain social groups instead of trying to find an identity that is most suited for them. They eventually comes to an end through the experimentation with different identities never stops. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2002), we might have had a different identity from the one we in fact have. Identity is also a human…
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