How Online Identities Are Affected By Online Anonymity

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Charlene Vazquez

How online identities are influenced by online anonymity

Social media is considered an interaction between groups or individuals that share common or new ideas amongst people worldwide. There is a significant impact of social networks on young people. Children are being manipulated by networking sites such as Facebook, accessing them through via cellphones that has become the most important thing in their lives. By this method this form of communicating is wildly spread amongst peers, parents and others. There is less utilization on a face to face conversation which lacks interpersonal skills.

So now that we know what social media is, Do you know who you are? Do you want to be someone your not? Do
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When helping individuals for job seeking or even online training helps this useful production manifest but on the flip side, the internet has many risks associated with online communities. Cyber bullying, which refers to a type of bullying that is successful using online technology. As shown in the video (PBS. PBS, WEB online Apr. 2016)

These Bullies carry out their despicable acts using whatever networking site they feel anonymity can protect their motives. Cybercrimes has increased such as identity theft and even suicide. For Example, In the video the young boy felt that he can disclose certain personal information which he didn’t realize at the time on how it can back fire. When his dad went back online to find out answers on why he actually committed suicide was because of the cyber bully was making fun of his sexuality of him of being gay when in fidelity it was the truth. When you are young you don’t have enough knowledge on how social media can impact you and your life.

Social networks have become part of people’s lives very vastly. Most young people has electronics such as cellphones, pc and even tablets that are being used to broadcast every second of their lives. Social Media can assist young people to become more socially internationally but makes them more incompetent in reality. Networking also makes a younger adult feel free as they feel that expressing themselves on the internet is just
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