Identity Politics In Whistling Vivaldi By Claude Steele

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Living in a country where instead of fighting a war with other countries the war is being fought inside our own country and in our government. Identity politics what exactly does this mean? Identity politics generally means when a group particular people like religion, race, social background, etc and this people from a type of exclusive political alliances, moving away from the most common and traditional two political parties. Identity politics thrives on division and the president has become the icon of a divided nation. Stereotypes and misconceptions, this two simple opinions people make towards others can cause harm deeply in others.In the book Whistling Vivaldi by Claude Steele We can see that the book is made of Stereotypes misconceptions, and many examples of identity contingency on stereotype threats usually race related. People and things in our society like race base stuff and things that David French brings up like the left hand side of the political view. He also brings up things like cisgender people and the white supremacy in the United States. This white supremacy and things believed by some politic, especially the left side of the political views can be said to be white supremacist and has caused more division than associations to this nation. Race is the major conflict in this political fight. Where instead of fighting these wars inside our nation we should come together as a nation and make a solution. Many points, ideas, and facts can be found all over
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