Identity : Social Identity And Self Identity

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“Identity is a multifaceted concept” (Giddens, Appelbaum, Duneier & Carr, 2013). It is hard to define identity, as it is how people understand themselves and what is important to them (Giddens, Appelbaum, Duneier & Carr, 2013). Identities are complex constructions, as people from different backgrounds will hold different views on the idea of identity. There are two main types of identity: social identity and self-identity. Self-identity is how people view themselves as individuals in relation to the world around them, as it focuses on a person’s characteristics and personality, and social identity refers to the idea of who an individual is, where they came from and their social status within the society. Gender is an important aspect of our social identity as it helps people to conform into a contributing member of society. Unlike sex, which refers to people’s biological differences of being female or male, gender is socially constructed; it is a set of social expectations of how people should act based on their sex (O’shaughnessy & Stadler, 2012, p370). Advertising plays an important role in constructing ideologies and social expectation in society, which has a large influences on what people consider as their gender identity. Ideologies exist solely because the society chooses to believe it, as it is how we make sense of the world (O’shaughnessy & Stadler, 2012, p371). This essay will focus on three advertisements and discuss how advertising influences and reflects women’s…

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