Identity Status And Well Being Among Emerging Adults Studying Psychology At Rmit University

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Identity Status and Well-being among emerging adults studying Psychology at RMIT University

Courtney Andrews

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University


A study involving 232 young adults studying Developmental Psychology at RMIT was carried out in order to examine the correlation between the four identity statuses, in both the domains of ‘ideological’, ‘interpersonal’ and ‘wellbeing’ in 8 subdomains. Each participant completed a confidential, 78 item online survey. The core results that respondents provided categorised majority of young people within the ideological diffusion status, with the least number placed within interpersonal foreclosure. Alongside this finding, wellbeing was positively correlated with identity achievement and negatively correlated with Identity foreclosure, with no separation of ideological and interpersonal domains. Interpersonal moratorium and diffusion were also both negatively correlated with most of 8 subdomains of wellbeing. This research needs to consider the samples gender inequality, using only correlational data and whether using one-time data collection would impact the results.

Identity Status and Well-being among emerging young adults

There is no doubt that there are many things that can contribute to a young, emerging adult’s wellbeing. The theory that prompted research on young adults distinctive characteristics, in other words,…
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