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Identity Theft Have you ever heard someone complain about their bad credit? Some people create their credit problems on their own, by not paying their bills on time, over exceeding credit card limits or bouncing checks. But some of these people are victims of identity theft. Identity theft can occur to almost anyone, especially with the increase in today?s technology. Identity theft is the action of stealing another person?s personal information. Through identity theft the criminals become the person who?s identity that they are stealing. Through identity theft many victims lose many and get left with bad credit. Especially in today?s times anyone can be a victim of identity theft. It is a crime that can happen anywhere at any…show more content…
The information in the chart was taken from a survey of people who had been victims of identity theft. Some of the people in the survey answered yes to more than one of the choices. (Harris Interactive) Technology and computers are an even easier way for personal information to be stolen. Programs known as spy-ware are implanted on computer systems. Your computer can be infected by a spy-ware program when you visit different websites. Spy-ware programs aim to collect information from your computer as you visit different websites. They sell this information to web site providers, which is one reason why you see multiple pop-up advertisements when you are online. But the information from spy-ware programs can also be used by criminals, looking to steal your identity. Studies have shown that 80-90% of desktops are infected with some sort of spy-ware program. (Connor) Being that the numbers are so high, you have to be careful when accessing websites on the internet. You have to be careful when entering your personal information or credit card information on websites because many of the websites also have spy-ware imbedded in them. You should always look for secure websites before you enter any information. Another way to keep your self safe from harmful spy-ware programs is by downloading or installing anti-spy ware systems on your computer. When dealing with identity theft you must always be careful with whom or with what you

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