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The internet has become a part of every day life, in fact for many it is their life. You can meet other people, play games, do research, communicate with loved ones half way across the country, and now you can even shop and bank online.

You can buy anything from baby food to prescription drugs on the internet and it will be delivered in a timely fashion to your front door. No line, no commute time, no annoying shoppers and no incompetent sales persons.

Banking online is a recently developed convenience. How often do you forget to pay your bills? With online banking your bills are paid on time. You also have immediate access to your bank statements updated by the minute.

It sounds almost too good to be true and it is, sort of.
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I also am assuming that most internet users regularly check their banks policies on how to protect themselves.

I believe that with the right information and tools identity theft on the internet would not be as large of a problem that it has grown into today.

Phishing is the newest type of internet theft and could be the most dangerous!

1% to 20% of those attacked by Phishing scams become victims. Phishers uses fraudulent E-mails and web sites that are so close to the real thing that many consumers are fooled by the copied images, links and texts that are often from the legitimate web site that the consumer thinks they are visiting. The Phishers are after your personal information; usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, home addresses, social security number, pretty much anything that can help open false accounts or empty your already existing accounts.

What To Do If You Think You are a Victim

First Contact your bank, your credit card company(s) and any other financial institution you are affiliated with and let them know that you think you are a victim.

Second Contact one of the three major credit bureaus who will be able to work with you to find a solution.



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