Identity Theft In Water

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Today we live in a world where identity theft is on the rise, whether its stealing one’s information for financial gain, use of one’s personal information, or even obtain credentials. Since the attacks on 9/11 on the United States, many organizations and government agencies have implemented tighten security when it comes to identity. One of the most important resources to everyone in the world is water. We technically could not survive on a weekly basis without a certain amount of water. The possibility of an unauthorized person entering a water utility plan to commit unlawful acts is much possible. There many chemicals one can buy in your public store or even online, that can be used to contaminate the water supply of a water utility plant,…show more content…
There many types of biometrics that are known to have success within organizations and government agencies. Some these types include smart card, fingerprint recognition, retinal/iris scanner, hand geometry, and facial recognition. All these types are known to be the most common types but one most also know that just like any other technology, each have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, smart card and fingerprint recognition are the most widely used due to them being cost effective and user friendly. The retinal/iris scanner are very secure but can be expensive to some. Although these technologies can be combined such as the smart card and fingerprint recognition, such as by having an individual insert has smart card into the reader which then will require that individual to place his/her finger on a scanner for a reading. Now let’s use the technologies in a example for access control of the facility that may be best to improve security while also considering cost. First is to implement the smart card which contains an integrated circuit chip. These smart cards work like an identification card but contain a circuit chip that allows for the storing of personal information, photograph of the person and biometrics like…show more content…
Many of these have implemented biometric technologies of some sort to harden security within. There many types of biometric technologies available and all their advantages and disadvantages. The important thing for a water utility facility to understand is, which technology will best suit their security needs. Although testing and training will play a vital role in ensuring that the technologies that are implemented are running proficiently and maintained properly. Terrorism, sabotage, identity theft will continue to grow over the years but so will biometric
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