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Kevin Gardner
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Identity theft is committed every day in the United States. This form of crime can be extremely serious and life changing. The amount of resources the United States puts toward the prevention of identity theft is just not enough. Identity theft can harm a persons’ entire life because of all the damage that the thief can cause in such a short amount of time. Identity theft is a threat to everybody and the world as a whole should be more aware of the consequences because of all the pain it can cause. Being the victim of identity theft comes with severe consequences and the attorney general’s office, police departments, and banks need to start educating the population about this
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In the life of an identity thief, physicians identities are often related to “taking candy from a baby”, since they are so vulnerable due to personal information being very abundant and unprotected. According to Solows, the identity thieves have many options when manipulating a physician, the thief can simply steal some prescription notepads and forge signatures and physician identification numbers in order to obtain drugs and sell those on the street. They can go as far as creating what is known as a “sham clinic” where an illegitimate clinic is set up by an identity thief and drugs are ordered by the pound (Solow 32). Even though physicians may be some of the highest targeted people for identity theft, no one is really safe.
Another common procedure to steal identities is through hacking. A hacker is defined as “someone who accesses a computer system by circumventing its security system” (ISS, 1). There are many groups and individual hackers, all out in this world for different reasons. One of the most well-known hacking groups is “Anonymous”. The people of this group are anonymous and the amount of members is also unknown. Anonymous works to hack media to better

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