Identity Theft

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Identity Theft + Fraud= Identity Crime 20 December 2007 There is a thief that lurks around us everyday; this thief can attack in brad day light or in the darkest hour, and just about anywhere you may find yourself. This thief has the power to act in your name, make unlimited purchases, open up credit accounts and ruin your good name and credit all in the matter of seconds; if you are vulnerable enough, you might become his next victim. In many cases all he needs is your name and a social security number, and he has enough information to make you his next victim; if you don’t believe me then ask the millions of Americans that became victim’s, or just ask me. The thief that I am talking about is identity theft. Identity theft is a…show more content…
E-mails such as these often pretend to represent an official bank or crediting company. Telemarketing is also another method being used to obtain all sorts of critical information over the phone. Many of these methods are very simple and the consequences of giving the wrong information to the wrong person can lead to identity crime. Age is not a factor when it comes to identity crime; criminals prey and target those who are young and vulnerable. In the article “Girl scout leader jailed after guilty plea…,” Gant (2007) writes about a case of a 33 year old Girl Scout leader who used the identities of 15 of her scouts’ to commit identity theft. “She admitted to using her scouts’ identities to file for claims…and obtained more than $87,000 from the IRS…” (para 5) She got the girls social security information from “fraudulent medical release forms filled out before field trips.” (para 6) She faces up to 230 years in prison. Identity theft does not only affect adults but can also target our children and youth, so we must learn to protect not only ourselves but our families as well. With so many victims of identity theft every year, you may be asking yourself, well what is our government or law enforcement officials doing to protect us against identity theft? In the article “Congress gets a chance to combat identity theft,” Kristof (2007) writes that “A decade ago identity

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