Identity Theft Paper

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Identity Theft and Cards There is many of the America nation that says their identity can’t get stolen, but it can. There is even ways for your identity to be stolen with your credit cards now. Anyone can be the next victim of identity theft. That is why in this research I will tell you how you get identity theft and how to prevent identity theft, because most Americans never know it is happening. Americans need to allow themselves to come to know the cautions of identity theft. There are so many different types of identity theft this day and time. This is why I want to bring to your knowledge about this thing called identity theft. The first thing is, what identity theft is. Identity theft is a term that is used to refer to…show more content…
The next thing in my paper is what is the Department of Justice doing about identity theft? The Department of Justice prosecutes cases of identity theft under different federal statutes. In the fall of 1998 Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act. This legislation made a new offense for criminals of identity theft. It was made if someone stole someone else’s identity they would go to jail for it. The penalty if caught would be a maximum sentence of 15 years if found guilty. These are some cases showing how the Department of Justice is doing their jobs to catch the identity theft criminals. There is the Central district of Kansas case that proves they are. There are many cases that show that the Department of Justice is doing their best to crack down on identity theft criminals. What can the people of the United States do about identity theft? The victims of identity theft have the task of correcting the information the person has stolen and trying to get their name and life to normal. This may seem like it is taking forever to fix, but eventually it will be fixed after all the missing pieces are put back in the puzzle. The damage the identity theft criminals leave on the person they stole the identity from is so far from undone that they messed up everyday life for the person. This is what people have to do after their identity is stolen. What should Americans do to avoid becoming a
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