Identity Theft in the United States

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In American society, there a fast growing white-collar crime that is becoming more and more popular among criminals. This white collar crime is call identity theft. Thousands of people have their identities stolen every year. Identity theft happen when criminals get a hold and use other people persona information such as credit card numbers, bank accounts numbers, insurance information and social security number to purchase good and other services fraudulently. More than 9 million American are victimizes by identity theft each year. With this number being so high it is evident that identity theft is one of the fast- growing crimes to hit the United State. Three reason why identify theft if being such a fast- growing crime in the United State is because more people credit card information is being stolen, more people are shopping online and more medical information is being stolen.
One reason identify theft is being a fast growing crime in the United State is because; more people credit card information is being stolen. Around 10% of American has fallen victims to credit card theft. Around 7% of Americans have been victim of debit or ATM fraud and 12% of the fraud was on internet websites and 10 % was on the telephone. One example of identity theft was eighteen months after moving in with his fiancée Joe Tremba begain to receive collection letter about past due credit card account that have been given to a collection agency. Tremba who always pays his bills on time was
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