Identity Theme In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Holland calls the pattern of our psychological conflicts and coping strategies our identity theme. According to Holland, we project our daily lives that identity theme onto every situation we encounter, this way we observe everything according to our psychological experience. Therefore, when we read literature we will project our identity theme onto the text. Identity theme can also be used when analyzing an author. For example, according to Holland´s method, when we are analyzing Fitzgerald’s work we should see him as the reader, rather than the writer. This way we can analyze the work from the view of the Fitzgerald’s world, his psychological experience rather than our own. (Tyson, p.183-184). Certain themes in Fitzgerald´s work are reoccurring…show more content…
For Fitzgerald, attending Princeton was the social pinnacle, i.e. the highest possibly achievement socially. However, at Princeton your family background mattered a lot, something that Fitzgerald lacked, he was never included in the social pinnacle (Life Imitates Art | The Great Gatsby). Fitzgerald was never able to finish his studies at Princeton, therefore failed his dream (Wikipedia). This experience can be traced into several of Fitzgerald´s books. In The Great Gatsby, the American dream is presented as the decay of social and moral values. After meeting the girl of his dreams, Daisy, Gatsby starts to participate in illegal activities in order to achieve great wealth to impress her, which he failed. In This Side of Paradise, Amory Blaine attends boarding schools and Princeton hoping to gain success. He starts working at an advertising bureau to earn enough money to marry his girlfriend. He later on realizes he cannot be successful this way. Monroue Stahr in The Love of the Last Tycoon works hard for success, but his health is failing and his girlfriend leaves his for another. In the end he realizes that money does not mean anything. These men all chase the American dream, but in the end fail to achieve
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