Identity in Cindy Sherman´s Contemporary Art

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Identity is one of the most significant aspects in the discourses of contemporary art. An artist’s identity can reveal cultural and personal truths about them through the employment of specific subjects, techniques, and colors incorporated into their artwork. Cindy Sherman, the famous feminist artist, portrays a plethora of different identities in her photographic works in order to highlight societal issues such as stereotypes, perceptions, and biases. Although Sherman does not blatantly set out to become an activist for femininity, audiences inherently view her work as attempting to cross boundaries and bring forth political statements because of the myriad androgynous, feminine, and sexist facets integrated into her images. In order to display the importance of identity in culture, Cindy Sherman refrains from revealing her own identity in her art and because of these ambiguous images, she allows for the identities of her audience to be reflected back at them, bringing forth awareness of inequality, while quietly calling for the anticipated change of these enduring stigmas. Cindy Sherman began focusing her creative outlets through photography during her time at Buffalo State College, NY in 1972-1976. Despite her future success with photography, Sherman had considerable difficulty honing the techniques of darkroom development. Nevertheless, the real magic clearly displayed in her photographs began to occur in the very confines of her bedroom few years later. According to
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