Identity in Frankenstien , Beowulf, and Sir Gawin and the Green Knight

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Some battles are more important than other’s like the one the character endures eternally. British literature as a whole pertains a lot of literary elements. But within these stories the most prominent is identity. A soul searching journey for one’s identity can begin at any stage of one’s life. The universal, time-transcendent idea of identity within British Literature attests to the human need for self knowledge, as it can be seen in the novels in Frankenstein, Beowulf, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
The Monster is struggling to find his identity. He is trying to figure out if he is like Adam made upon this earth for a purpose or like Satan expelled from the “almighty kingdom”— in his case society. The Monster’s reading of …show more content…

By doing this he pronounced his name “Fronkensteen” (Haas). The idea of lack of identity has carried over to this later rendition of Shelley’s novel. Within this novel the author used the name of the characters in order to describe the characters lack of identity. For example the monster within Young Frankenstein brain was from “Abby Normal”. As can be seen in the book the author Gilbert Pearlman, “the characters mainly define themselves by either their kinship, by their brains, or by both. The possibility of Victor Frankenstein’s reason for created the monster has to do with his inner desires. In a sense Frankenstein creating the monster is showing who he really is upon the inside. As victor open his eyes and wonder why the monster wanted a companion he realized he released a monster upon the world that had no one. In a sense victors work is an “expression or symbolization of repressed desire” (Franco, Dean). Maybe victor desires someone attention upon him or he has the desire to be more than just a scientist. Victor’s is also searching for his identity is very clear within the book when he flees to different countries such as his journey to college and when he fled in order to escape the terrors of home . The title Beowulf coming from German meaning of “bear wolf” within itself exerts an identity upon the main character, due to the bear

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