Identity in the Novel Jasmine

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In her country we see Jyoti struggle to follow the guidelines made to obtain a happiness in here country. Later she is told by a fortune teller that she is destined to be a widower and an exile. In an effort to run away from the foreseer she fails and gains a mark on the middle of her forehead. The mark is a metaphoric representation of Jyoti's gift of great insight and visions for a different life where she is. To obtain this hopeful life she would have to let go of the previous identity bestowed on her by the dominate party. where she lives gender difference plays a detrimental role in identifying one's power to change ones environment. We see Jyoti has personality traits that she was taught to be exclusively masculine qualities alone and that she was unruly to continue to cultivate these traits. Her culture teaches that Jyoti being a women means that she must adhere to a mens' happiness for is jyoits happiness. This moment, after being told her true identity Jyoti runs away and fails on her face. This moment foreshadows of Jyoti's, running from who she is and is pulled back to her true identity and destiny with memories of her past. she feels immense pain and shame stemming from her not able to conform. Jyoti does try to conform her identity by fitting the subjective opinion of others. She is continually changing her perception of…
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