Identity is the Complete Satisfaction of Oneself

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Identity can be thought of as the complete satisfaction of one's self. The word "identity" can be defined in many different ways since everyone is different. Identity could be based on morals and how one maintains or neglects one's values and handles the different situations life may give. Often times, people do not make understanding their identity as one of their priorities therefore, identity would be left unnoticed. I claim that identity is both fluid and static throughout one's life, in addition one outweighs the other depending on the situation that is encountered. Identity fluctuates throughout life and I believe maturity and time have a major impact. Situations where one is a minor such as gender, religion, behavioral, and personal relationships are more static and less fluid, but as one undergoes puberty those identities become more fluid and less static and when one becomes a fully matured adult the identities can change again and become more static and less fluid. When we are born, the first identity is encountered when the doctor identifies our gender. Gender plays an important role as the first identity that is encountered and contributes to many other identities such as behavioral, cognitive, and personal relationships. For infants and minors, gender is more static than fluid because they are restricted from the outside world and have a lack of understanding. Because of this, infants and minors idolize their parents and would see their routine
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