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IDEO Case Study

1. IDEO has a flat organization; there are no formal titles, dress codes, organizational charts or permanent job assignments. The company is made up of project teams organized around IDEO's innovation process, which is focused on constant brainstorming and prototyping; where no idea is a bad idea, in the early stages of a project, and trial and error is an expectation on the journey to getting it right. The organization is driven by team collaboration and performance, built around creativity, innovation, and idea and information sharing to develop breakthrough products and achieve customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and input. It is an adhocracy of two core groups tied together by IDEO's
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This will allow IDEO some time to utilize its renowned ideation process, increasing the likelihood of success. IDEO is highly sought after for their ability to deliver outstanding products that delight their customers so they don't need business that would not allow them to utilize their process. It is important that IDEO not sacrifice its innovation process, the cornerstone of who and what they are, for speed. There is also a high risk that if they take on this project with its aggressive timeline they may not create a product that meets with their current standards and may impact their reputation. Not to mention, even if they are successful at creating a great product, the precedence that this may create for other customers who then may also push for more aggressive timelines at the sacrifice of the company's innovation process. This situation could lead to a potential lose/lose situation for IDEO that is not worth the risk.
A late 1999 launch, in time for the holiday season, would help meet Handspring's objective of getting more Visor PDAs into consumers' hands sooner but in the bigger picture it is more important that the customer is delighted by the product and tells others to buy it. The lower $150 price, compared to a typical PDA $450 price, and the enhanced features and benefits will certainly help drive Visor's sales whether in spring or during the holiday season. The additional timing may even lead to
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