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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY IDEO, one of the world’s largest and most successful product design firms. IDEO is responsible for the development of 3Com's Palm V hand-held computer. The Palm V’s market success has ingnited mass competition in the hand-held computer industry. This increase in competition has a major 3Com competitor, HandSpring to approach IDEO to now design the competing VISOR product. Handspring's management wants the VISOR prototype to be designed and manufactured in less than half the time it took to design the Palm V. IDEO must now decide if it should suggest to Handspring's management to increase the development schedule as it is concerned with having to sacrifice innovation and design in order to meet the client's goal.…show more content…
The cost of the VISOR had to be kept to $150 in order to attract and appeal to a wider range of consumers. As a result, Boyle's team must use inexpensive parts and sacrifice style to develop the VISOR.

Due to the clients request for an aggressive timeline, IDEO must use "tried-and-true" technology instead of being able to use a its signature innovation and design process that differentiated it from other development firms.

A highly competitive environment for hand-held innovation exists. Apple, 3Com, Handspring, and Microsoft are all competing to gain more market share by creating a more appealing product to compete with the innovative Palm V.

Handspring’s competitive marketing strategy requires a launch for the VISOR product to be scheduled for the 1999 holiday gift-giving season. This launch schedule condenses the time needed for the VISOR to go through each step of the IDEO innovation process.

Competing products are being developed under one roof. The brainstorming component of the IDEO innovation process will be reduced if this project is accepted. This is a must to maintain client confidentiality and to ensure features for the competing products are not compromised.

IDEO is the pioneer of “concurrent engineering”. Concurrent engineering is a mixture of design and engineering to produce aesthetically pleasing products that are also very useful. This unique style of design has made IDEO a sought after design
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