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Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 I. Introduction 3 IDEO’s organization 3 IDEO’s processes 4 IDEO’s management 4 Role of prototyping and experimentation 5 II. Problem Definition 6 III. Alternative Courses of Action 7 Reject Handspring’s proposal 7 Accept Handspring’s Proposal 8 Recommend a New Proposal to Handspring 8 IV. Recommended Course of Action 9 Managing the Visor project 10

Executive Summary
Product development firms like IDEO have invested time and effort in constructing methodologies and processes that make them succeed in every territory they venture in. IDEO is one of the largest and most successful product development firms that has contributed to many of the products that we take today for
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Concerning brainstorming in particular IDEO enforces no constraints to the wildness of an idea; they actually encourage wild ideas because by building on them, innovations are reached.

Focused chaos: If you attend or watch a video of their brainstorming sessions, you would describe their process as an unorganized process with incomplete information and a lot of ambiguity. To work at IDEO you do indeed need to accept and handle ambiguity, as for their process it has clear objectives that start by first having so many ideas as possible and then filtering them down to a few workable alternatives, similar to the funnel approach studied.

Information sharing: is greatly valued and is conducted mostly informally when employees meet in hallways. The interesting point is that input from people who won’t be working on the project is required and is highly valued, which again emphasizes their theory of sharing knowledge.

Consumer-centered mentality: IDEO understands the value of analyzing the customer and the amount of knowledge that can be captured from him/her. Therefore, the customer is referred to through consumer observations to discover customer insights and then through prototype testing.

IDEO’s processes
IDEO has developed a process consisting of five phases that acts as a guideline (rather than rigid rules) to product development. In our point of view, the IDEO way is a set

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