Ideological Conflict And Political Polarization

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Ralph Mehitang
Political Science 102
Professor Robinson
November 28, 2016

Polarization In America Ideological Conflict is defined as the mental, verbal, or physical manifestation of rivalry between people that share opposing world views. Political polarization relates to when a person’s view and stance on a topic, law, issue or particular group of people is stringently defined by their identification with a particular political party or ideology.
Ever since the 1960s ideological conflict and political polarization have evolved as more factors have come into play. Examples of important factors that have fueled the evolution of these two topics are abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage, gun control, illegal immigration, Euthanasia, drug, war, and religion. These factors are important topics that over the years have caused the evolution of ideological conflict and political polarization and have caused such divide amongst the people of America when it comes to their views and stance on specific things. In my opinion I believe to the utmost degree that ideological conflict and political polarization poses a major threat to the effective functioning of the democracy in America today.
Political polarization today is on a completely different level than what it was 30-50 years. It’s safe to say that the 1960s were bad, other than during the the civil war the country had never been so divided ideologically. The government was facing debates over civil rights…
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