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1. In this essay I will be discussing the difference between world views and ideologies and I will also elaborate between the South African motto and the different worldviews. I will then explain the influence of this motto for myself as a student-teacher and citizen of South Africa. Knowledge production is a highly political and politicized practice (Morrell, 2014).

2. A worldview is a philosophy of life or concept of the world: ‘a Christian world view revolves around the battle of good and evil’ (University, 1884). A person’s worldview can be affected by many factors in life – it can be affected by their inherited characteristics, by their life situations and their background experiences, by their values in life, by their attitudes and lastly their habits that they developed
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3. What is the difference between ‘world view’ and ‘ideology’? These two terms have a slightly difference nuances in their meaning and in their connotation. Both these terms have a close meaning. A way to distinguish between the two meanings is to take note that ideology is more proactive. The ideology will dictate what your actions or policies are where a worldview is more of a perspective or an explanation of the way that things are, for example a common worldview is that all humans’ life is valuable.

4. Diverse people unite is our South African Motto. We strive to get all the different races to be valued the same and to have the same opportunities. We strive to get racism out of the way so that we can live in peace. In other countries they don’t have a problem with racism. One worldview that everyone in South Africa differs about is Christianity. Not all the different cultures have the same beliefs, some belief in other gods and some believe in Jesus Christ. We as South African citizens have to accept the fact that not all people have the same views and then move

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