Ideology Of Bashar Al Assad

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An ideology is a set of cultural beliefs, values, and attitudes that underlie and justify either the status quo or movements to change it. The culture of every social system has an ideology that serves to explain and justify its own existence as a way of life. Ideology can also underlie movements for social change, which rely on sets of ideas that explain and justify their purpose and methods.
Bashar Al Assad’s ideology:
Vice president of Syria Abdel Halim Khaddam, states ‘Politically, Bashar does not have a consistent ideology; he changes his opinion according to his interests and that of the regime 's.’
However, the most consistent and well-known aspects of Bashar’s ideology:
Aims to improve Syria’s economy, Improve access to oil fields, get rid of terrorism in Syria, have a strong military, to have “fair” voting, and enforce more human rights into the country.
Bashar al-Assad has released around 700 political prisoners (2011) boosting hopes of a major improvement in human rights. But there still at least 4,000 in prison and authorities continue to arrest political and human rights activists, censor websites, and detain dissident bloggers. Many Syrian expats and activists have been monitored, threatened and punished for their activities, even overseas. According to Human Rights Watch, President Bashar al-Assad failed to improve Syria’s human rights, and Syria 's human rights situation remained among
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