Ideology Of Critical Thinking

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The definition of critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Although, it is found that there is more than one ideology of critical thinking. When one has an opinion about a certain issue one can either immediately draw up a conclusion or ask for facts. Some people want to understand where an issue is coming from, to not only better understand but to empathize with the parties involved. Critical thinking is a form of thought, and can be used just about anywhere. Critical thinking is an opinion forged from a thought process on a certain issue; this opinion derives not necessarily from facts but from your stance on the matter, when you place yourself in that certain issue. For example,…show more content…
Critical thinking is thought to begin at a young age. When a teacher passes out a test on the first day of school then grades the test and finds the weaknesses of the students so they know what specifically to work on in the future, they are critically thinking but do our instructors encourage us to use critical thinking. Tests are based on facts stemming from what was provided either by the teacher or by a textbook. It is important to challenge students to use more critical thinking, it not only creates a more complete awareness of problems and subjects but a more compassionate outlook on life. This can lead to a more successful education leading into adulthood. It is also important to critically think because when you don’t, you receive information and ideas from other people without creating your own ideas and opinions. This becomes to be known as the status quo. Like I said before there are different ideologies of critical thinking. Critical thinking is deemed more appropriate to be successful by experts but as we have seen it is less presented in our schools and in our environment. We see a society that is so fact driven, why because there is a present fear of being told your idea is wrong because there are no facts to prove it. Of course, if you want to critically think there has to be some form of knowledge base to at least create your idea from that solid foundation. Possibly needed is more information on why critical thinking is
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