Ideology behind the Film Spirited Away

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Ideology is attitudes, beliefs, perceptions that commonly shared by the people in society. It is mostly unconscious and it appears in everyday human’s daily lives. Cinema is one of the medium that people can be exposed. Therefore the ideology in film takes a powerful role that shapes aspects of people’s beliefs. When it comes to a film, people who watch the film receive a message from it whether that message is explicit or not. Ideology can be most receptive and powerful when it is exposed to the audience when they are enjoying the film and are unaware of it (Edgar-Hunt, Marland and Rawle 96). In Spirited Away, the movie sends out many aspects of ideology in Japanese society. This essay is going to be focusing on two particular aspects which are Shinto beliefs and human versus nature.
In Asian culture, people usually give priority to the religion. Shinto was the state religion of Japan in the past. Shinto means Kami Way in Japanese. Kami is term to describe sacred spirits, or something that possesses superior power (Earheart 6). Japanese people believe that there are spirits in everything. All beings can be called Kami such as river, woods, or even human beings (Ono and Woodard 6). Japan has been called a land of Kami. They regard Kami as an object of worship in Shinto religion. Throughout the film, it can be seen that many elements of Shinto aspect is subtly embed. Just the name of this movie “Spirited Away” tells a lot about the beliefs of Japanese toward the supernatural
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