Essay about Idiot Nation

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In “Idiot Nation,” Michael Moore discourses on the collapse of American education system and the three main reasons behind it: politicians’ ignorance, shortage of teachers, and the rise of Corporate America. Moore first points out how ignorant the President and politicians are by stating that the President cannot simply identify whether Africa is a nation or a continent. Next, Moore attributes the lack of funding in education to the fact that politicians prefer to build bomber than to improve our education system; this leads to shortage of resources, overpopulated classrooms, and decrease of books available for students. He then notes that the low salaries of teachers, which are caused by the insufficient funding of education, result in …show more content…
Eisenhower’s nominee as ambassador to Ceylon,” being “unable to identify either the country’s prime minister or its capital during his Senate confirmation hearing” (130). Moore’s use of examples here not only helps elucidate his point, but also clearly supports his claim that American officials are ignorant. Thus, Moore’s strategy of using exemplification is successful both in clarifying his argument and convincing readers of his position.
Throughout his excerpt, Moore also uses surprising statistics as an argumentative strategy to efficaciously deliver his message to readers and stimulate us to reflect on the point he brings out. For example, he uses some astonishing statistics to show us how people are wasting their time doing trivial things instead of learning and reading. He states that “[t]here are forty-four million Americans who cannot read and write above a fourth-grade level,” but in the meantime, a considerable number of people know sports and “can answer all thirty obscure trivia questions in less than 120 seconds” (129). Reading these surprising statistics can stimulate readers’ reactions and arouse them; readers will be surprised to find out that they are wasting so much time doing useless things and be impressed by the astounding result that they may reflect on how they use their time. As a result, Moore’s use of surprising statistics can effectively convey his message and stimulate readers to reflect on his point. A third strategy that Moore uses is
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