Idylls of the King: the Holy Grail

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February 22, 2013
Period: 1, 5
Literature/Comp. Honors 2
Mr. Blair
Holy Grail Essay "For those who want to save their life will loose it...", were the words of Jesus Christ himself. What this means exactly is that one must give up all desired in the temporary life so that they can focus on faith for the eternal after life. In the "Holy Grail", countless examples and tests are depicted for the knights of Arthur 's round table to try to loose themselves. Although this was no easy task for them, some managed to see the Grail while others didn 't. In this eassy, one will be able to understand the main allegory of loosing ones self through chronologically examining the start of the tale, the adventures of some of the knights, and the
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What Percivale failed to see was that this was a test, a test to see if all the things he wanted would seem unappealing after the sand experiences. He was about to give in to temptation but he then remembered the words of his king and went on his way. While Percivale had this experience, Lancelot had a totally different one where some could say that he lost all his sanity. The difference lay in that Lancelot had a horrible sin to his name while Percivale didn 't. Lancelot was told by Arthur that he could make it because even a seedling could bloom on a swamp. What this meant was that no matter how deep Lancelot was in his sin, God would find a way to forgive him. So Lancelot went ahead on his journey but he tried to commit suicide as he went on a boat and out to sea for seven days. On the seventh day, he got a break from the sea- just as God did- and landed at the shores of Carbonek where his son Galahad had been born. All the way to the entrance, lion statues kept appearing as his symbol was the lion. This was to represent that he was about to have some conflict with himself. As he crosses two lions at the entrance, they take away his sword as he subconciously is prepairing himself to enter in his realm of curing himself. As Lancelot entered the castle, he could see nothing as his soul was at the time empty at the bottom. He heard a voice calling him from above in the direction of where
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