Ieee Code Of Ethics And Standards Of Conduct

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In interviewing, Ms. LaRenda Harrison, director of alternative education program for the Brookhaven Public schools, I was given the following information pertaining to the training used to introduce MS Code of Ethics and Standards of conduct process for inexperienced teachers and to update career teachers, Ms Harrison stated that the MS Code of Ethics and Standards are covered in new teacher orientation before the commencement of the school term. Once school is in session, building level administrators are to review standards with new hires and career teachers. This review also provides updated information to career teachers if any changes occurred. Listed below is a brief summary of the ten standards found in the MS Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct: Standard 1: Professional Conduct- An educator should demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards. Standard 2: Trustworthiness- An educator should exemplify honesty and integrity and does not engage in deceptive practices regarding official policies of the district or educational institution. Standard 3: Unlawful Acts- An educator should abide by federal, state, and local laws and statues, as well as local school board policies. Standard 4: Educator/Student Relationships – An educator should maintain a professional relationship with students in and out of the classroom. Standard 5: Educator/Collegial Relationships- An educator should always maintain a professional relationship with
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