4980 Words20 Pages ACADEMIC MODULE PRACTICE TEST 1 ACADEMIC LISTENING PRACTICE TEST 1 SECTION 1 Questions 1 - 10 Questions 1 - 5 Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer. PAN ASIAN AIRWAYS LOST PROPERTY REPORT FORM Example First Name Surname Address Postcode Home tel. Mobile tel. Flight Number Seat Number From To Answer Kirsty Allen (1) ____________________ Windham Road Richmond (2) ____________________ 020 8927 7651 (3) ____________________ (4) ____________________ (5) ____________________ New York London Heathrow Page 1 Academic Test 1; Page 1 © Questions 6 - 8 Circle THREE letters A - F. What items did Kirsty’s bag contain? A B C D E F 17 pounds pens her passport a book 200…show more content…
the country has no natural oil resources. Professor Wilson says that oil tankers are... A B C very safe. quite safe. quite unsafe. 33 According to Professor Wilson, the main cause of oil slicks is... A B C accidents while loading and unloading oil. collisions. deliberate releases of oil. 34 According to Professor Wilson, slicks are rarely burned off nowadays because... A B C the oil is refined. it usually doesn’t work. it creates too much air pollution. Academic Test 1; Page 6 © Questions 35 - 39 Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. Oil exploration clean-up techniques Techniques The Containment Boom Chemical Detergents The Sponge Bacteria Advantages Cheap and easy Disadvantages Only good when there are (35) ________________ ____________________ Good for treating (36) _________ Chemicals remain in the water + ___________________________ kill marine life. Oil remains permanently in the The sponge mats turn into sponge. (37) _______________________ ___________________________ (39) _______________________ Cheap Easy to administer Totally (38) _________________ ___________________________ Question 40 Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. Optional essay question. Remember to check out the faculty’s notice boards. You will find: * * * reading lists essay questions (40) __________________________________________________ Academic Test 1; Page 7 © ACADEMIC READING PRACTICE
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