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General first topics are in two paths: * Where you live ( your city, area where you live, street, house) * Your studies, work, job
There are 2-5 topics are asked, and about 6-15 questions, in 4- 5 minutes
Longer responses, fewer questions
Longer answers are preferable than short answers 1. Possible topics Where you live | Collecting things | Cooking | Your studies | Dancing | Weddings | Your job | Learning language | Public transport | Hobbies | Rain | Traveling | Sports | Hotels | Names | Television | Relaxation | Restaurants | Music | Outdoor activities | Food | Reading | Memories | Birthdays | Email | Childhood | Seasons | Learning English | Weather | Flowers | Writing | Happiness | Birds |
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“I like” or “I don’t like” do not display any ability to skillfully or flexibly express these functions.
For these questions, the first step is to find some alternative language for “liking”. The following are some expressions can be used:
I’m fairly/pretty keen on….
I’m really into….
I’m quite a big fan of …
I simply adore…
I’m quite enthusiastic about …
I generally prefer … (use only when comparing)
Most of the adverbs are interchangeable in this list.
Look at the following answer for the previous question: Do you like animals?
“Well to be quite honest, in general I would say that I’m actually quite keen on animals, but in particular I would probably have to say that I’m really into domestic pets like dogs. I guess the reason why I’m a fan of dogs is because I adore their loyalty and companionship. In addition to dogs I suppose I’m also pretty passionate about endangered species, especially dolphins and things like that and this is due to the fact that I feel some degree of responsibility towards wildlife protection.”
Possible starting phrase for “ liking” questions:
Well in general I would say that…
Actually, I suppose that for the most part I’d probably say that …
Well, to be honest I should really say that…
Of course I think

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