Iep Is Legal Binding Document

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As many know, the IEP is legal binding document that allows the students to be a recipient of special education services. It also specifies different accommodation/modifications, and instructional methods that will be of benefit to the student due to their exceptionality. As the IEP is brought together the IEP team, composed of parents, specialists, general and special education teacher, and sometimes administration are vital in the process because while the parents know the student best, it is those within the walls of the school know the best ways to help the student on their educational journey. I interviewed Mrs. C. Mangum, a former English teacher, who is now a principal in Johnston County, North Carolina. In the beginning of our interview, Mrs. Mangum stated, “All children with exceptionalities are no different than non-disabled students, and should be treated as such.” The student is the main focus and the IEP goal and specifications are centered around them. The student, if found eligible, have the right to receive a free and appropriate education in a least restrictive environment that will allow for greater learning and achievement. While in conversation I came to learn that parents have a major role because they are the advocate for their child and they have a common right to be a part of IEP meetings. Not limited to making decisions on how the student will be taught and where they will be taught. Mrs. Mangum stated, “Every school has a special education
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