Ietf Is For Make Internet Work Better

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6th Question: IETF is to make internet work better. Mission of IETF is to produce high quality, relevant technical documents which influence people to use, design and manage internet. IETF working groups are referred as WG’s. Working groups are created to address a specific problem or to produce one or more than one specific deliveries. WG’s are generally intended to be standard and short lived in nature. Some of the WG’s are as follows: Area Active work Group Name Description Email Address Applications Websec Web Security Internet Intarea Internet area working group Operations and Management Area Eman Energy Management Real time applications and Infrastructure Area Stir Secure telephone identity revisited Routing Area Idr Inter Domain Routing Security Area Oauth Web Authorization Protocol Intarea – Internet Area Working Group: Objective: This group acts as a forum for far ranging topics that affects internet area which includes address space issues, IP layer functionality and architectural questions. This group stands as unique from others as it is co-ordination based and shares the knowledge about challenges and goals. This group work will be under the following guidelines: 1. The work will be focused on the relevance of internet 2. Work group will focus on suitability and project quality 3. Participants of the work group will advance work item according to proposed schedule.
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