If A Hero Could Change The World ( Don 't Jump Into It )

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Honna Swanson Medendorp English 1400 Rhetoric and Writing II 19 September 2014 If A Hero Could Change The World (don’t jump into it) Throughout a child’s younger years the thing that imprints on them the most is the role models they assign themselves based off the preferences they have begun to develop. Often times these role models are the heroes they see on television and in books. But if the only role models they come in contact with are those created through a warped image of society, the children become the ones damaged. Suddenly the obscured image that radial groups have of their own culture become the radical views of these misguided children. Naif Al-Mutawa, who was raised in the Middle East in Kuwait, began to recognize how sometimes extremists would twist the perceptions of their different religions to portray a dark often violent message, and then feed it to their followers. Wanting to stop this continuous cycle of extremism, Mutawa created a way to change the perception of many religions through his use of comic books. By targeting children, Mutawa was able to adjust the possible negative outlook they might have on their own religion. In order to make his point valid Naif Al-Mutawa had to pander to the select audience he was speaking to, an audience that happened to be mostly English speakers that were probably not familiar with the specifics of the Islamic religion. But their interest was still sparked, especially if they were parents, by the basic

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