If Different Liquids Affect The Growth Of A Tomato Plant

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In my experiment, I decided to look at how or if different liquids effect the growth of a tomato plant. The independent variables in this experiment were the liquids that the tomato plants were watered with. The dependent variables in this experiment were the speed that the plants grew and the amount that they grew throughout the two weeks that they were measured. I hypothesized that if the tomato plant is watered with river water, then the plant will grow the tallest. In my experiment, I needed to have five tomato plants that were all roughly the same size. I also needed five different liquids to water them with; I chose to use soda, salt water, tap water, carbonated water, and river water. I then needed five different pots each with…show more content…
I did this experiment to see what liquid helps to grow the plants the best. This information could impact the growth of plant life throughout their respective ecosystems. If it is found that one of these fluids helped to grow crops more so than others, then this information can be used to change the way that farmers and the like grow their plants most efficiently. After running this experiment, it is then possible to test and see if the same outcomes are discovered using different types of plants. With this information, it can then be determined if it is logical to use said liquid to achieve maximum growth of these plants when farming, etc. While doing this experiment, I discovered that some of these liquids did not work at all. One of the liquids that killed the plant was salt water. Carnegie Institutions’ Jose Dinneny said, “We are familiar with how animals use fight or flight strategy to face external challenge. While plants can’t run for safety, they can control how much they grow into dangerous territory,” (Carnegie Science). He uses this analogy to describe what happens to a plant when it encounters too much salt in the soil or the water that it is being watered with. The article went on to explain that scientists observed the roots of plants in a laboratory. With these observations, it was discovered that once the roots encountered the salt, they entered a dormant phase of growth. The ‘inner-skin’ of the root, referred to as the

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