If Genetic Transformation Has The Meaning Of Change Caused By Genes

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If Genetic transformation has the meaning of “change caused by genes” and involves the placing of a gene into an life form in order to modify the organisms characteristic; the progression of placing genes from one life form to a different is used to assist of a plasmid and the pGLO plasmid codes the gene used for GFP as well as the gene for resistance to ampicillin. It is used to manage the expression of the fluorescent protein; hence, the GFP gene is able to be switched on by adding the sugar arabinose to nutrient medium of the cell, then the bacteria will be able to glow a bright green underneath UV light when arabinose is within the nutrient agar medium. Hence, then when one micro test tube +pGLO and –pGLO are labeled and placed into a…show more content…
III. Methods See lab sheets for both electrophoresis and pGLO IV. Data Bio Rad pGLO 1. Lesson 2 Review questions #1-4 pg.42 i. The plate that I would expect to find bacteria in a large amount that is similar to the original non-transformed E.Coli colonies is plate that includes –pGLO and LB because this plate is the control for the experiment. The control plates (-pGLO/LB) will have majority of the bacteria like the original untransformed E. coli because the bacteria removed from the starter plate didn’t contain plasmids. Therefore, the non-transformed E.Coli colonies will be all over the plate forming a lawn of bacteria. The pGLO demonstrates that there are no plasmids present living on the plate. Hence, every cell grows because there is no present on the antibiotic on the plate. ii. The genetically transformed bacterial cells would most likely be on the plates that have +pGLO LB/amp or +pGLO LB/amp/ara. The plate with LB/amp, the cells with
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