If Genetic Transformation Has The Meaning Of Change Caused By Genes

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If Genetic transformation has the meaning of “change caused by genes” and involves the placing of a gene into an life form in order to modify the organisms characteristic; the progression of placing genes from one life form to a different is used to assist of a plasmid and the pGLO plasmid codes the gene used for GFP as well as the gene for resistance to ampicillin. It is used to manage the expression of the fluorescent protein; hence, the GFP gene is able to be switched on by adding the sugar arabinose to nutrient medium of the cell, then the bacteria will be able to glow a bright green underneath UV light when arabinose is within the nutrient agar medium. Hence, then when one micro test tube +pGLO and –pGLO are labeled and placed into a foam rack and the tubes are open and using a sterile pipet used to transfer 250 micro liters of transformation solution (CaCl2 ) in each tube, position the two tubes on ice, pick up 2-4 colonies of bacteria with a loop, submerge the loop into the +pGLO tube, repeat steps for –pGLO, put in to ice, and put plasmid DNA into the pGLO; after the pGLO’s need a heat shock by placing the cold tubes into the 42 degrees Celsius hot bath for 50 seconds and back into ice for 2 minutes, later insert the 250 micro liters of LB nutrients broth into the tube and then placing 100 micro liters into the 4 plates, each individual plate contains +pGLO LB/amp, +pGLO LB/amp/ara, -pGLO LB/amp or –pGLO LB). If bacteria that contains +pGLO plasmids is resistant to
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