If Global Warming Isn 't Put Under Control Now

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If global warming isn’t put under control now, the whole world might be in danger. Global warming is causing the rise of sea levels, stronger heat waves, extinction of animals, as increase in natural disaster, and so many more things. People around the world could potentially have to leave their native lands and move somewhere else, and leave everything they once knew. If everyone doesn’t work together the world will continue to worsen and possibly go into another ice age. Some scientists are saying that this could possibly occur in as little as ten years if nothing gets better soon. Global warming is an issue that needs to be dealt with now before the world as we know it comes to an end. The temperature of the planet has gone up .8…show more content…
Global warming could result in the death of millions of people around the world. Another way people could contribute to helping put an end to global warming is to stop or lessen the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air. Scientist believe carbon dioxide stays in the air for years. This isn’t only bad to breath, but is also very harmful to both humans and other mammals. Animals are dying from the careless mistakes of humans. For example, polar bears rely on sheets of ice to rest from swimming. Due to global warming there is very little sheets of ice strong enough for the polar bears to sit on. Polar bears will travel until they are to weak to continue and end up drowning. Whenever there may be somewhere for the polar bear to rest, he still may die from lack of food. Fish that the bears eat such as trout and salmon require cold water to survive. Global warming is causing higher temperatures and this means that the fish cannot survive. When the fish die, the polar bear die, and then who’s next? Humans don’t realize that we are not invincible. Yes, we are superior, but if the whole food chain dies off then being on top of nothing will make humans into nothing. Global warming is also causing there to be far more natural disasters than before. California
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