If God Knows What We Are Going to Do, He Has No Right to Reward the Good and Punish the Wicked. Discuss

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If God knows what we are going to do, he has no right to reward the good and punish the wicked. Discuss The idea that God gave humans free will is one that is essential to the Christian faith. This is highlighted in Genesis. If we were to believe this concept consequently, we would believe that we are morally responsible for our actions. The idea of omnipotence logically requires God knowing what we will do before we do it. This is a problem with the idea of free will, as this may mean that we do not entirely have freedom. It could be argued that God has no right to reward and punish if he is able to foresee what will happen. In the Bible there are many passages which demonstrate God rewarding and punishing. The God of classical…show more content…
Hell not only seems to be a very harsh reality, but this concept also clashes with the goodness of God. This extreme divine justice is incompatible with the idea of an all loving and perfectly good God. It is written in Chronicles that ‘He is good; his love endures for ever’. However the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in divine punishment for their wickedness, Gods participation in the Battle of Jericho and Noah and the flood all challenge the belief of Gods omnibenevolence and therefore his right to reward and punish. An alternative problem to this theory regards God’s omnipotenence. If God is aware of our past, present and future it is then not possible for us to do anything on our own accord. Omniscience and free will are clearly incompatible. They are many resolutions to this problem; although some thinkers may believe that free will is not possible and that this is only apparent some thinkers believe that the two different states of an eternal God is a solution. Firstly, God as timeless may resolve this problem as if God is outside of time it could be interpreted that he knows what we will do but does not cause our actions as he is unchanging and outside of time. Secondly, God being everlasting may also be a solution. If God moves through time with his creation that he knows everything that is logically possible to know. God may know our actions but does not cause them. This is an important factor as one attribute of God offers

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