If He Began With A/Smear Of Blue Analysis

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Lang Leav is a poetess that write about love, memories, and life. Most of her poems are in free verse. Similar to the first entry, she does not have a lot of similes and metaphors. However, without the similes and metaphors, it still gave her own style of how she writes. One of my favorite poem from her is called “Blues.” In that poem, it talks about how people have different interpretation on memories depending on how it should be told. In the first stanza she wrote “You begin to invent things after awhile. I suppose it’s only/ human nature to add and subtract from out memories” (Leav). She is trying to say that our memories aren’t consistent and that they change. In the second stanza, she says “Picasso had painted just one brushstroke less, he could/ have told an entirely different story” (Leav). She is saying that even the little…show more content…
A memory is told with different tiny details that it changes. In the last line she says “If he began with a/ smear of red instead of blue, it could have been a chapter/ instead of an era” (Leav). Similar to the quote above, she’s saying that if Picasso’s painting was changed to a different color then that painting wouldn’t be able to tell his story, only a small part of it. That is how memories are, we only tell the small parts of it and start to change it. It is cool how she compares memories to Picasso’s painting. This will help strengthen my ode if I describe as to what a painter thinks. Overall, I really like her poems and her style of writing to tell about life.

Stephen Dunn’s poems have content about human interactions and mentality. In his poem, “Sweetness,” it’s a free verse has a 3-line stanzas and it talks about how in every bad situation there is “sweetness” that comes out of it. In the first
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