If I Am Being Honest

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If I am being honest, I know that many of my fellow applicants and potential future classmates have accomplished more in their brief careers than I can claim about my own. However, I hope to convey that even though public accounting is not as prestigious as some of these careers, I have developed the abilities needed to thrive at HBS and in the business world beyond. I grew up in an extremely conservative family in a small town outside of Wichita, Kansas. I was homeschooled through high school and was taught to distrust the education system, especially universities. As a result, academics took a back seat to my parent’s antiquated beliefs and paranoia as well as my own personal interests. My focus was primarily on basketball which provided an outlet for my competitive nature and a small taste of the normal teenage life I craved. As time went on, my parents became more moderate and college was not seen quite as negatively. I enrolled in the local community college during my junior and senior year of high school where I completed some of my general education requirements before graduating high school and enrolling at another junior college where I played varsity basketball. In part because of the way I was raised, I didn’t place sufficient focus on my education and I was not knowledgeable about my options. Ironically, college basketball was actually what changed this for me. I saw former teammates who had no plans beyond basketball end up in poverty with slim prospects
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