`` If I Can 't Have Her, No One Else Can `` Written By Sonya Lipsett Rivera

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Throughout Latin American history there has been unlimited accounts on battles, wars, and political conflicts that made up a vast majority of their colonial history. However, there has been limited sources on the emotions that people went through during this time period. Emotions in fact were a major reason that ended up shaping up most of their laws and history. The articles given heavily focuses on the emotions one feels, the actions some take and the consequences some face due to their actions. In the article “If I Can’t Have Her, No One Else Can” written by Sonya Lipsett-Rivera, the author focuses on the emotion of jealously and how it influenced violence in Mexico. The emotion of jealously is not as simple as any other emotion like sadness or anger. Psychologist have said that the emotion of jealousy is considered to be such a complex emotion since there is great difficulty trying to study this emotion. Jealousy cannot be associated with a physical appearance, as well as not being able to measure it accurately by heart rates. Which is why some consider jealousy to be more of a flaw then an actual emotion. During the time period 1750 through 1856 both Mexican men and women had their own ways of dealing with the jealousy they felt by committing violent acts towards one another, but mainly women were the ones that faced the consequences that followed this emotion. The main question is, what makes men and women feel jealousy? Both men and women feel jealousy since they

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