If I Caught Your Attention

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If I caught your attention, then the title of this article has fulfilled its intended purpose. The truth is, the worst thing that could happen to you for submitting a less-than-desirable resume is not being slapped, but rather not landing a job. Most career hopefuls, however, would fear the former over the latter, thus, making the exaggerated scenario even more of an anecdote. In other words, the applicant would sacrifice a long-term reward for a short-term discomfort. For this reason, the majority of resumes are cast into the fiery furnace never to be seen again. I get it. It 's not that you don 't care. In your haste to land the dream job, however, you neglect to carefully craft the very document that would bestow upon you the…show more content…
Yes, the problem is worse than it seems. Your Keywords are Boring. In the world of resume writing, keywords have become buzzwords, and buzzwords have become overkill, thus losing their value and draining your resume of any real depth. This ego-crushing assertion is particularly the case if what you 've written is not reflected in the quality of your penmanship. For instance, I 've seen job applicants list "attention to detail" as a professional characteristic only to shoot themselves in the foot by misspelling their name, getting their alma mater wrong, or failing to do something as simple as lining up bullet points. I 've witnessed horrific examples of aspirants who claimed to be "hard workers," but apparently put zero effort into their resume. Then there are the appellants who try to convince me how "self-motivated" they are by whipping up what is obviously a five-minute failed concoction of experience, skill, and so-called education. These are the perpetrators who, without realizing it, stamp themselves as cheats and liars. If you think that my labeling these fiendish petitioners is harsh, then try reading their resumes. That 's the real torture. You Didn 't Sell Yourself Question: If you were to verbalize your story, would you speak in bullet points? Would you outline your top five skills by beginning each sentence with a letter and a
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