If I Didn T Go To America Essay

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To make myself feel good I started saying it's fine if I didn't go to America it's not a good place to go. Everyone told me already that America is not a good place to go thank God I didn't go to America. I kept on thinking bad stuff about America so that I don't have to think about the good and great things that America does. Believe me this didn't help at all but this contributed to make it even worst.
There was nothing I could have done. All I was thinking is that I simply would get rejected there's no way I can get selected. Seeing all those excellent students sitting right there in the hall taking the exam I thought that no one is going to prefer me over them because I thought they are a lot better than. I kind of felt really funny because everyone was coming to me and asking hey man did you give the test for the Yes program and did you
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They told me that I can even try next year and maybe get selected I told everyone that I am definitely not going to apply next year. This is the worst thing I have ever done I'm not going to do it again. The aggression and the disappointment that I was showing was because of the failure that I faced which was actually not a failure. I should have waited for the result to come. Finally, I was sitting in the lawn and I saw the postman coming to mailbox of our house and he just put the mail in the mailbox. I was just curious to see whose mail would it be, as my dad has a separate address for his mails so I just went over there to check it out. I opened the mailbox and there was a mail from Yes program inside it. I thought it would be a rejection mail for me in which they would be telling me that I didn't get selected for my English test. So, I just picked it up and put it on the table in my house. I heard my friends playing outside in the street so I just went outside to play cricket with them and left it
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